hirespinkcheeseHi, I’m Mirabai,

I practice psychoneuroimmunology, a mind-body-spirit medicine:  It’s like personal training for your mind.

Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the body. The key finding of scientific research in this area is that your thoughts have a direct impact on your physical health. I teach people how to lead happier lives, strengthen their immune systems and build resilience to stress by mastering their minds. I help people to heal from past trauma, maximize their well-being in the present and protect their future health.  My holistic approach synthesizes traditional CBT and behavioral change techniques with somatic therapies, mindfulness and other meditation techniques and transpersonal psychology.

  • I believe that safety, dignity, health, meaning, love and happiness are basic human needs and rights
  • I believe in questioning assumptions and the status quo – especially the one in your head
  • I believe in miracles and the infinite power of unconditional love 

what I learned from working with the dying…

Working with hundreds of people as they were dying has given me the privilege of a unique and priceless perspective. Here’s what I learned: In the end, it is the relationships and experiences you have had and not the things you have owned that matter.   Life is too short and too precious to waste a single moment of the present having thoughts of fear, anger or shame about the past or the future or to chase things that you only wish or imagine will make you happy.

Be here now * Be grateful * Be as kind as possible