Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


Hello, I’m Mirabai,

I’m a loving disruptor of unhelpful patterns. I work as a therapist, facilitator, dolphin swim guide and coach.


Let’s start with these two questions:

1) How would you like your life to be different?

2) What might be possible if you were able to go beyond the limitations of what you believe you can expect and achieve that are based on by your past experiences?

I call these expectations of what is possible and limits on what is acceptable or allowed  the Big Book of Rules for Life, Love and Everything.     Let’s  take a look inside and ask  f the current edition is really  working for  you.

If the answer is anything other than a “Heck Yeah!”, I’d like to help you re-write it.  What could happen if you revised those rules, threw out a bunch that are outdated, written by other people or are just plain unhelpful and came up with some new ones that inspire and support you to live your life to the fullest?


I offer therapy and coaching in person or online, I’m able to pick up on the patterns of thinking and behavior that aren’t helpful to you and give you the perspective, support and practical tools you need to easily make amazing changes. I create a safe and inspiring place to bring healing and transformation to the hardest parts of living. We’ll shine a gentle flashlight into the scary places and find strength in vulnerability and beauty in the parts of yourself you believe aren’t good enough to love. You should book a free consultation with me if you are ready to learn, change and grow. Together we can,

  • Explore and review the Big Book Of Rules for Living in your head
  • Uncover the core beliefs and unhelpful patterns that are in your way
  • Discover why you made them and what you need to do to let them go
  • Heal from past trauma and abuse
  • Mend a broken heart
  • Get fresh perspective and new tools to use in your relationship with yourself and others
  • Break free of the baggage from your past and fear about the future that’s holding you back
  • Brainstorm the bliss you might like to follow
    Boost your courage, confidence and creativity


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  •  To schedule, email or call +1-808-825-0858 with your preference for in person, phone or zoom or skype session, your contact information and please remember to include your time zone!  I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.