Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver


Hi, I’m Mirabai and I’d like to mess with your head.

More specifically, I’d like to invite you to turn your attention to the Big Book of Rules for Living in your head and ask if it’s working for you?

If the answer is anything other than a “F**k Yeah!”, we need to talk. I’d like to suggest it’s time for an updated edition.  What could happen if you revised those rules, threw out a bunch that are outdated, written by other people or are just plain unhelpful and came up with some new ones that inspire and support you to live your life to the fullest? Let’s start with these two questions:

1) How would you like your life to be different?

2) What might be possible if you were able to go beyond the limitations of what you believe you can expect and achieve that are based on by your past experiences?

Get un-stuck and re-inspired

I’m a loving disruptor of unhelpful patterns, a board certified chaplain and spiritual counselor with many years of coaching experience, a healer and intuitive empath. After working in hospice for many years, a job I loved, I reached the limits I didn’t think I had. I needed to come up with a new plan for my life which felt more terrifying than exciting. I realized that the way to honor the patients and families that I had worked with, would be to help people who still had time to live in a way that they will be able to look back without regret and to start by doing it myself. So in June 2015 I bought a one way ticket to South Africa and went on a voyage of discovery to see what would happen if I lived from a place of faith and possibility and to figure out where to start the next chapter of my life.  After a year, I landed in Hawaii where I am continuing to challenge my own fears and assumptions on a daily basis to give my dreams a chance,  helping other people lead happier lives and sharing the magical healing and inspiration of the wild dolphins.  Check out the blog archive and sign up in the box on the right to get new posts and find out about upcoming online programs, retreats and workshops.Come see me in Hawaii, check out my ocean safaris and retreats at

Intuitive Coaching for Inspiration and Transformation

  • Are finding your relationship, family or work issues depressingly familiar?
  • Do you secretly feel that you are not enough or that you don’t do enough?
  • Feeling trapped or hopeless? Like you don’t have options? Or that it might be too late?
  • Struggling with anxiety or depression?
  • Unable to heal from things that have happened to you in the past?
  • Paralyzed with fear about the future?
  • Does it feels too risky to allow yourself to hope, love or dream again?

Have you heard the one about the therapist, the chaplain and the psychic who walked into a bar? Neither have I, but a session with me is a bit like the conversation you might have if met them for a drink. I offer Intuitive Coaching Sessions in person, by phone or Skype. As an intuitive empath, I’m able to pick up on the patterns of thinking and behavior that aren’t helpful to you and give you the perspective, support and practical tools you need to easily make amazing changes. I create a safe and inspiring place to bring healing and transformation to the hardest parts of living.  We’ll shine a gentle flashlight into the scary places and find strength in vulnerability and beauty in the parts of yourself you believe aren’t good enough to love.  You should book a session with me if you are ready to learn, change and grow. Together we can,

  • Explore and review the Big Book Of Rules for Living in your head
  • Uncover the core beliefs and unhelpful patterns that are in your way
  • Discover why you made them and what you need to do to let them go
  • Heal from past trauma and abuse
  • Mend a broken heart
  • Get fresh perspective and new tools to use in your relationship with yourself and others
  • Break free of the baggage from your past and fear about the future that’s holding you back
  • Brainstorm the bliss you might like to follow
  • Boost your courage, confidence and creativity

  To schedule, email or call +1-808-825-0858 with your preference for in person, phone or skype session, your contact information and please remember to include your time zone!  I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.