• I believe that safety, dignity, meaning, creativity, love and happiness are basic human needs and rights

  • I believe that Kindfulness (awareness with compassion for self and others)  and gratitude are the key to peace, joy and freedom

  • I believe in miracles and the infinite power of unconditional love to heal and transform

  • I believe in questioning the status quo – especially the one in your head

I help people love their lives



Hi, I’m Mirabai and I help people to heal the past, make the most of the present and build futures to be proud of

what I learned from working with the dying…  Working with hundreds of people as they were dying gave me the privilege of sharing the priceless perspective of what really matters when people look back on their lives. Here’s what I learned: At the end of their lives, lots of people wish that they had spent more time doing things they enjoyed with the people who are most important to them. They wish they had worried less about what other people would think if they followed their secret dreams.  I heard people’s regrets about the choices they made and the priorities they had followed without ever really stopping to think about what was important to them. I learned that too many people get caught up in pursuing one aspect of success only to discover, sometimes sadly too late, the high cost of neglecting their health or their relationships along the way to the goal they thought was so important.  The bottom line was this,file0001865744985

Please don’t wait for the wake up call!

A wake up call is an experience or idea that changes the way you think about life. It startles you out of auto-pilot and demands your full and complete attention.   You’re snapped out of cruise control, shaken up and hurled out of any cozy ruts you may have been inhabiting.

At it’s most profound, it causes you to reevaluate everything and often prompts the realization that you have been take a lot for granted – not least, life itself.     From the personal to the global, wake up calls come in all shapes and sizes.  It may be bad news like receiving a terminal diagnosis or hearing of the death of a friend.     Sometimes it is a big event, like a natural disaster such as the Tsunami or Hurricane Katrina. Some events have such magnitude that we don’t even need to personally experience them to be shaken out of our complacency; think about how many people changed after the events of 9-11.   Sometimes it can be a still, small voice inside you, a coincidence of reading something on the internet, listening to some music or looking at a photograph.

Having seen that sadly, for some people, the wake up call comes too late to do much about it, I decided I wanted to help people avoid that tragedy. My mission is to help you to get all the benefits of a wake up call, without actually having to experience one. I don’t want you to waste another precious second accepting anything less than an exceptional Quality of Life.

Know how good it feels to wake up before your alarm goes off?  Let’s make that happen for your life,