If you’re too stressed to read a whole blog post, try this instead 8 steps to avoid burn out 1) First, visualize very gently leading your inner child to a safe place for a nap 2) Calm the F*ck Down 3) Get a reality check on everything you think you HAVE [...]

Are you America’s Next Top Martyr? How to suck less ...

I am contemplating mortality. Thinking and talking about Death is not a big thing in our consumer culture for a reason. It tends to take the shine right off that alluring new toy to ask yourself “Would I still want to buy that if I were dying?” Probably not. Things [...]

What should be on your Bucketlist?

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11/11/11 – Seems impossible not to mark this day in some way.  How about Eleven things for which you are grateful, Eleven acts of kindness you can perform and Eleven luscious wishes just for you? Please post them here, if you feel so inclined, to share your inspiration.   Much [...]


Happy 4th of July, everybody! I started today at the Jersey Shore where I had been invited to spend the weekend with some friends. I went out to run early this morning and chanced upon the startling sight of a large group of women of assorted sizes, ages spanning six [...]

Happy 4th of July

More and more, I find that I am receiving such inspiration about living from the people in my life who are dying. Many of the hospice patients I care for have end-stage Alzheimers and can no longer communicate directly, yet somehow, I am still blessed to receive the gift of [...]

A Helluva Good Time

I am driving away from a Woman Within weekend of staffing feeling so deeply fulfilled and connected to the women I worked alongside, the women who participated on the course and to all women everywhere. I think about the women around the world who do this work and the courage [...]

Guest Post about staffing the Woman Within Weekend by Amanda ...