Don’t you hate it when, just as you least expect it, the untamed past escapes its cage? With silent stealth, it attacks without warning, devouring any present peace in one fell swoop. Before you even know what’s happened, it pounces and you find yourself captive, dangling powerless from the [...]

The terrible jaws of regret

Holidays can be the most wonderful time of the year but they can also be the most difficult.   There is something about the message that this particular time should be full of joy that can create a lot more pressure for people who aren’t feeling particularly joyful for various [...]

How to survive the most wonderful time of the year ...

Guilt is very subjective matter; in a given situation, two people might make exactly the same decisions and carry out the very same actions, yet one of them wouldn’t give matters a second thought, whilst the other will be racked with guilt about identical choices and circumstances. It all comes [...]