The lightning round – A simultaneous work process for circles



I love the continuity of growth and support that comes from attending weekly or bi-weekly circles but one of the challenges that arise once the numbers increase beyond 4 or 5, is that time rarely offers the opportunity for everyone to do a piece of personal work.  I developed The Lightning Round (aka The 3 Minute Miracle) as an exercise for All-Gender Group Facilitation Training.

This process originally designed as an opportunity to practice coming up with process ideas whilst demonstrating how little story is required when facilitating work but it had the unexpected benefit of offering a new protocol by which everyone in a large circle can do a piece of individual work. I hope you find it helpful. The process operates in a series of rounds, each person in the circle shares and passes to the next.

  1. “I would like to work on…”   

One sentence answer, not the story


  • An issue I’m having with my partner
  • My self-sabotage

2) The feeling I have around this issue is..

Name one or two of the following

  • FEAR
  • JOY

 “And the place in my body I feel it is…”


  • My throat and stomach
  • All over my body

3) Non-verbally demonstrate by moving into a position with your body the effect of the issue.

4)  “The first time in my life I remember having this feeling is…” 

Complete the sentence with an age and a one sentence explanation.


  • When I was 5 and I was told to look after my sister
  • For as long as I can remember

5) “The unhelpful belief I took on about myself or the world at the time was


  • I’m not safe
  • I’m not worthy

6)A positive affirmation I choose for myself now instead is…”


  • I am loved and supported
  • I am adorable

7) Each person demonstrates a posture and position with their body that expresses this new feeling as they restate their affirmation