The Love Seat

“The Love Seat” is a pop-up healing machine. It’s part performance art and part spiritual practice. It is also a vehicle for public education about psychoneuroimmunology and it’s a personal research project. I appear in public spaces, sitting on an inflatable white love seat with a sign that reads “Would you like to be Held?” People participate by watching, by taking a photo with me holding a sign that says “no” or “maybe” or by choosing “yes” and resting in my arms to be held, nurtured and healed by the power of unconditional love.

Not only does both giving and receiving have documented health benefits but even watching an act of kindness is good for you. The Mother Theresa effect discovered in the late 80’s proves that those witnessing the love seat will benefit from an increase in immune system functionality which will last up to 6 hours, or in the case of a cynic, 20 minutes.

“The Love Seat” is both art and spiritual practice and also an expression of my vocation as a healer. It came about in answer to the question what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail and money was no object. The answer was simply to go out into the world and share the love and healing that comes through me. I though to myself that was a ridiculous idea, since I could hardly just head out into the city with a sign saying free healing and then it occurred to me, that perhaps if I called it art, maybe I could.

“The Love Seat” has been featured in the Philadelphia Daily News, KY1060 radio, Fox Morning Television Show, and the Elephant Journal.  It has a dedicated facebook page here


Help Share the Love: Seeking Ambassadors…

I am currently accepting invitations for the Love Seat on a world tour see #havemiracleswilltravel.  Please get in touch if you would like to host me and help me put on THE LOVE SEAT near you.


 If you aren’t able to host but would like to help you can click the Donate button to make a contribution to allow me to offer “The Love Seat”,  your support is deeply appreciated.